Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby Update

Here's the latest picture of baby Mattox. I went to the doctor this past Tuesday, and I only gained 1 lb. (4.8 lbs total). I'm 22 weeks. So! Dr. T said if I don't put on more weight by next time she will discuss putting me on a "special diet." Not sure what that entails, but I'm gain for whatever helps me gain. After looking back, I had gained 10 lbs with Mati Claire at this point so I'm not sure what the problem is. Trust me, I eat everything in sight...good or bad.

Anyway, Mattox has moved from the 29% to the 34% overall. So Dr. T refers to him as "petite but not worrisome." They estimated that he weighs 1 pound! And still a boy! ha! They don't EVER need to put his private parts on a big screen ever again. Bit frightening. Apparently the 1 lb I gained went straight between his legs. ;) jk. I won't even post that picture.

Believe it or not, Mati Claire is starting to show some jealousy already. She will move my hand away from my belly and she is all of a sudden obsessed with laying on my belly (which isn't really possible). She likes to cuddle more than usual...which makes me think that she better get her time in. So, just an update on the pregnancy! Looking forward to a low-key weekend.

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