Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catching Up

If only I could catch up on sleep...a girl can dream, right? Last night was probably the best night we've had so far: he slept from 10pm to 5am!! Wow. We have been so busy, so I'll try to catch up on here.

Baby Dedication Day/Mother's Day/2 mo. checkup
Mattox turned 2 months on Mother's Day last week. He also had his 2 month shots. Ugh! He handled them well. We thought he cried worse over laying him on the cold table to be measured! He weighs 12 lbs even and is 23 1/2 in long! Momma's got a big sweet boy! He was dedicated at Morrison Heights Baptist Church that Sunday. To be a part of the service, we read Voddie Baucham's book Family Driven Faith . It is an excellent read for re-inspiring your goals as a Christian family. I thought it was a tiny bit extreme on some points but I agreed with the changes that need to be made. We are in the process of implementing some of these changes in our home! Yay! Fate also jumped in the form of Mrs. Darlene. They asked me to help out with the 3 mo. stint of nursery duty this summer. As new parents, specifically a newborn, I have been procrastinating in this area (for lack of sleep mainly) but because of the commitment. And also because that many 3 year olds scare me. But God has stepped in to remind me that I shouldn't skip church because I'm lazy and tired. Here are a few pics of the Dedication service. Mattox did well until the very end - his diaper leaked all over Matt's shirt.

Probably smiling because it was all over! ;)

Trip to TN/Kerigan's Graduation/Kennedy's Birthday Party
Also Mattox's first road trip! He slept the entire way back so I can't complain. My niece turned 4 last weekend and my other niece graduated from Kindergarten! I can't believe she'll be in FIRST grade this fall! Kennedy's party was at the Knoxville Zoo. All I can say about that is May heat + first time pushing a new double stroller UPhill + 2 kids (neither of which are potty trained) + breastfeeding = alot of hard work! Mati Claire got to ride a camel which was interesting. Luckily Mom was with me to help me out!!! Happy Birthday Kennedy!

The birthday girl!

Kerigan, her friend Allie, and MC riding the camel

This And That
We are looking forward to Matt's birthday next weekend and celebrating Memorial Weekend with lots of friends at the lake! Can't wait to soak up the sun!
Here's a pic of Mattox rolling from front to back for the first time...I just happen to be holding the camera when he did it. He LOVES tummy time!!!

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Tyanne said...

Wow..I cannot believe he is rolling over!! What a cute smile in that post dedication pic!! Heart breaker!