Saturday, September 18, 2010

6 months!

Mattox had his 6 month checkup last week:

  • He weighs 19 pounds (75%)
  • He is 27.5" long (75%)
  • Screamed like a little girl when he got his shots this time
  • Has an eye doctor appt soon about possibly opening blocked tear ducts
  • Was upgraded to a new car seat since mommy isn't a body builder
  • Has a kickin new car seat cover thanks to Pamela! (see pic below)
  • Has learned to give mommy and daddy kisses -- be still my heart...
  • Loves to jump.
  • Loves food. period. he will soon be eating ribs and chicken any day now. ;)
  • Loves to watch sports. In his mind he's 6 feet tall and bulletproof.
  • Um, did I mention he weighs 19 pounds?

Thank you Pamela!

his new toy

Where does the time go? He's driving a car and going to Lowe's. now that's all boy! ;)

I would feel bad if I didn't mention MC here. She loves preschool! She's not so crazy about waking up in the mornings. It exhausts me to even look at her school calendar. Oh, I signed Matt up to speak to the entire preschool as a 'community helper.' hahahahahahahahaha! he's loving me right now. pics are coming i assure you!

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Pamela said...

Girl, you know you are very welcome!!! I'm glad you are happy with it:) I can only imagine how sweet it feels to get kisses from that lil sweetie!! (humm...wonder if I can steal a few Wed morning???) ;)