Friday, February 4, 2011

Where is Mattox?

ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE!!!! I can not keep up with him. I wish I had taken a picture of him in the fireplace. Not just sitting at the fireplace - I mean literally IN the fireplace sitting on top of the logs. Thank goodness we don't have a pilot light on. He is in the toilet, going up the stairs, climbing on everything, and already busted his lip! First bloody accident! First of many to come I'm sure.

And also not on me. He quit me. I cried for awhile, but knew it was coming soon, just not that day. With MC, I had a love/hate relationship with nursing, but just love with Mattox. He made it so easy. Just keep reminding me that growing up is a good thing and the time was right. **sniff sniff** :(
He's in the pantry...making a mess. Was actually standing on that roll of paper plates.
He's in the curtains trying to break out through the window.
He's in timeout with MC. He put himself there actually.

And he's in the bathtub b/c all that crawling around on the floor makes him DIRTY! :)
Sorry for the boring update... just staying inside and warm today. Getting ready for our annual Superbowl party this weekend!!! And I actually went to WORK yesterday! I needed to train on the new computer system so I picked the absolute 'best' day to drive across town in this gorgeous weather :/ I hydroplaned twice on the way home. So everyone please be careful if you have to get out.


Ashley said...

Haha! Hazel always goes and sits with alder in time out too! Second children are proving to be way more adventurous than first, or at least in my case!

Ashley said...

Adler, autocorrect drives me crazy! I think most people now think my son's name is alder.