Thursday, July 11, 2013

Merritt - 1 year!

A little late on this post, but I've been SO busy working on her party this weekend!  Merritt turned 1 on Tuesday!  Just a quick rundown on her "stats":

  • Weighs 15 lbs 10 oz!  
  • Wears size 2 diapers, and mostly 9-12 month clothes 
  • Wakes up 1-3 times per night still :(
  • Has 5 teeth 
  • Loves to dance, loves her big siblings, loves music, and loves to nurse....
  • Having trouble weaning off mommy but is up to 2 bottles a day of 1/2 breastmilk + 1/2 whole milk (right now its 2 oz of each for a 4 oz bottle).  
I've been having a few sad moments lately...I get discouraged when I realize she's still not a "normal" baby.  I can't turn her car seat around.  She doesn't eat real food really.  She doesn't have any words (she does babble "mama" "dada" and "bubye").  She doesn't crawl or walk at all.  

BUT I have to remind myself on a daily basis ---- that she is here.  that she is doing well.  slow progress is better than none at all I guess.   Stay positive.  

Her small physique doesn't put any pressure on me to pull the pacifier or the bottle anytime soon.  I don't think a single stranger would ever question her age vs. the normal time to start sippy cups, etc.  I was strict on my other 2 but I am lenient on her when it comes to the pacifier.  The other 2 went cold turkey the month of their birthday. 

We are blessed and love her so much!  Happy 1st birthday, Mitt!   

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Erica said...

HOORAY! Such a happy occasion! Thank you so much for all these updates. I'm so glad Merritt is here!!

Love you!