Saturday, June 6, 2015

oh my sweetness

Mason my sweetness.  My son Mason.  Lawd help me he is the sweetest thing.  He will soon be 3 months old (what? so soon?) and SO FAR he is very laid back, very content, pretty quiet, and smiles alot.  He is trying to "talk" to everyone and gets excited when someone talks to him.  He's a pretty good sleeper so far.  But the only time he gets fussy is when he's hungry or has a dirty diaper.  I can handle that!  His laid back personality totally makes up for the fact that he isn't sleeping all night yet.  I don't mind waking up and feeding him because I know its the LAST time I'll ever be nursing a baby!  Totally cherishing these late night feedings.  He will sleep 6-7 hours on a good night though.

He's skinnier than Mattox was at that age but he's definitely filling out.  We haven't had the rubber-banded fat rolls in this house since Mattox was a baby 5 years ago.  Mitt still doesn't have those baby fat rolls.

And this picture is just for fun.  We are always amazed at how much these first-cousins look alike.  They get mistaken as brother/sister all the time! We had a nice visit from my sister and nieces a few weeks ago when they came down to meet Mason.

So what is our Summer 2015 look like so far?  We started off with a stomach bug (again) but since then its been playing outside, trips to the park, VBS, art classes for MC, baseball camp for Mattox, swim lessons, swimming at home, lake time, working on birthday parties in July, and lots of reading.  I'm teaching MC cursive this summer.  and all things baby.  I desperately want to start losing weight but I have a hard time breastfeeding and losing weight at the same time - my body gets confused (if I exercise, my milk supply goes down usually) so I won't start until this fall/winter.  I didn't post much at the end of May because  Preschool graduation, class parties, ballet recitals, baseball games, baseball parties, registrations for everything next year, programs, you name it and we were there.  Here's a few of my favorite pics from the end of May:

Miss Attitude.  Miss Priss.  

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Sweet T said...

Oh my word! Those kids are so cute! And that last outfit Merritt is wearing...totes adorbs!