Sunday, July 26, 2015

she is "FREE"

I'm a little late posting about Merritt's 3rd birthday party.  I know some of you won't/don't care, but I end up printing the blog into a book at the end of each year so this is for my documentation too!

Merritt is/was my NICU baby.  I was fore-warned that I would be expected to sing and talk to her as much as possible before I had her.  With all the emotions and chaos of those first few days I hadn't really had time to think of any songs to sing to her.  The first day we saw her, the nurse told me I could sing to her to let her hear my voice.  Put on the spot like that - my mind went blank.  I couldn't think of ANY songs and the first one that came to mind (that I actually knew the words) was You Are My Sunshine.  I sang that song to her ALL the time (among others) and still do when I rock her to sleep every night.  When she is upset and crying, it usually calms her down.

So she had a "You Are My Sunshine" 3rd birthday party!  Very low-key and held at our lake house.  She LOVES chocolate cake so her wish is my command.  She is getting her "big girl bed" this month so she didn't really get any presents "to open" from us.  I knew the family members would help me out there!  thank you to everyone who drove all that way to help her celebrate!

If you ask her how old she is… she says "I'm free!"  I laugh because I like to think of it as her being free from all the worries we had.  Even her cardiologist only sees her once a year… done with surgeons … done with NICU.  Just free.  :)

dancing with Poppy

"patiently" waiting for her cake!

With a little help from her big siblings.  

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Sweet T said...

What a sweet little party for your little sweetie! Just precious!