About Us

I am a pharmacist, mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, child of God, friend, southerner, "O-mom" and blogger!  This blog is for family and friends to keep up with us.  And its open for comments to help us out in 'MileyWorld.'

I met my husband, Matt, my freshman year at Mississippi College through mutual friends.  I was quickly under the wrong impression that he had a girlfriend and considered him "off limits." hehe.  We never spoke again although we would pass each other going back and forth from class.  Fast forward 5 years... I was in my second year of pharmacy school in Birmingham, AL and he was in his third year of medical school in Des Moines, IA (doing a rotation in Detroit, MI).   We came home for a wedding!  He was the best man and I was a bridesmaid in the same wedding!  Many long distance phone calls later, we began dating and got engaged less than a year later!  Love at second sight  ;)  

The McCoy's Wedding 2002
Our Wedding Picture June 2004
We have been married 12 years now.  We are parents to our 9 year old daughter (Mati Claire), 6 year old son (Mattox), 4 year old daughter (Merritt), and 1 year old son (Mason).

We give our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ all the glory for every miracle and blessing in our lives.  

Grayton Beach, FL 2014

 Easter 2016