Saturday, February 9, 2008

7 months old!

Our little angel has been just that this week. She turned 7 months on Friday. And we think her hair is starting to lay down a little. Hats are working for us. We went to the park on Thursday, which was only her second time. It is hard at her age to play but she definitely watches the people and likes other kids. We will have to install a swing in our backyard later! Today, she had her pictures taken and went to Sam's 2nd Birthday party! She likes hanging out with Jack (our neighbor who is 2 months older).
I'm working on finding a new picture for the blog's title page. Matt is always working so its gonna be hard to get a family picture. When I do get one, I'll see about changing the title too.
Thanks for the suggestions, Sara! My brother-in-law, Rob, mentioned that Matt and I should name our next kid, Cyrus! Too funny!!!!

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