Friday, March 14, 2008

Crawling is for babies!

Mati Claire has yet to understand that you must crawl before you can walk. She is trying desperately to walk! She pulls up, then lets go to stand up! She says crawling is overrated, why crawl when you can walk? :) She is growing by leaps and bounds! She's not sleeping well the last few nights, and I'm assuming teeth are still bothering her. I was up at 3 am this morning rocking her for an hour. But other than waking up once in the night, she's in a great mood and playing. I posted a picture of her standing for a few seconds (before she fell over).
Congratulations Melanie! Mati Claire will have a new boyfriend to play with! We can't wait til he gets here. And we saw baby Murphy yesterday. He's doing well and looks like both Pam and Will. The specialist is calling it "sleep jerks" and said he is fine.
The pool is calling everyone! We'll have to have a pool party soon! I can't wait to get in!

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