Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter weekend has been great. Miranda and I broke in the hot tub yesterday. The pool is still too cold. Mati Claire even got her toes a little wet. My dad was nice enough to lower her baby bed beyond what it was capable of. He had to drill holes in it to make a lower level. Obviously not all cribs are made equal. It was either that or go buy a new crib. I do NOT recommend the one I have.

With summer approaching, we decided we needed to be prepared. I bought a first-aid kit and furnished it with Epi-pens and Benadryl. MC saw the travel case and jumped to carry it. She looked like a doc in training already! It was funny.

She enjoyed her Easter basket and she looked just adorable in her new bonnet that Gigi bought her. Then she got to spend the afternoon with her Miley grandparents, great-grandparents, and her cousin Kendall! They started hugging and loving on each other. It seems "Da-da" is the only word in her vocabulary these matter what. I told Matt that he had to get up when he's beckoned at 2 am from now on!
Matt decided to flood our laundry room yesterday. I heard a yell, walked into the laundry room and saw water coming from the sink as well as from under the doors. Matt was laying on the ground and wasn't getting up! He had slid on the water and hurt his ankle pretty bad. It was his own fault though since he left the water running in the sink and it overflowed!
Congratulations Sarah and Jaret, and Lauren and Blaine!

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