Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nieces...the 3 K's

K, K, and K! Here's a few pics of my nieces: Kerigan, Kennedy, and Kendall! These were taken from the birthday party and I thought they were so cute I had to post them. Jeanelle did a great job! Kennedy had her speech test today, so far they say she is fine...just stubborn. Imagine that! Kerigan's birthday is this weekend, and I'm so mad that I have to work. She's having a real "tea party."
Mati Claire had her 1 year old vaccines last week and seems to be doing okay so far. I still have to wait out the rest of the week to see if she breaks out in a rash. She also wants to eat everything that we eat. A big step from last week. Now she chokes on everything and ends up throwing up (Fritos, Teddy Grahams) but at least she's TRYING.
I thought things were settling down around here, but then work crews started back. Graham is getting some work done on the house. The dealership said they have to keep my car overnight because they "broke something." Then I took our dog to the vet to get her teeth cleaned today. I thought pool water would be good for her, but they said it's not. Her ears are red and starting to get infected. We took a trip to Bay Springs Sunday to visit Matt's extended family. It was so great to visit with all the cousins. It's amazing how fast they grow! I thought Matt's grandfather was doing well. He is having more tests run this week. So I don't see things settling down this week.
We had fun at the park this morning. It's good to see all the kids playing together. And I enjoy knowing that I'm not the only mother out there! :)

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