Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cold Turkey

Mati Claire is pacifier free! I had absolutely no intention of taking it away any time soon. Not even this year. But I noticed that she was starting to go without it more than usual on Sunday. She even went to bed without it on Monday. So I decided to take it away...for good. Her naps have been the hardest to deal with. She screams for awhile and eventually falls asleep. Then wants it when she wakes up too. But she's been over 48 hours without it. Can someone please tell me why I feel so guilty. She gives me the look and I feel like I took her best friend away from her. I feel so bad. Has anyone else ever felt guilty over this?

Mati Claire went to the zoo for the first time today! She liked the birds and the giraffes. She wouldn't pet the baby pigs or goats. She just wants to play in the mud and grass WITH the pigs. Weird.

Speaking of animals...I can't take any more rodents. Between the mice, the monster spiders, and the unrelenting frogs, I just might have a heart attack. These aren't your "out in the country" frogs. These things are so loud especially when they echo througout the house from the windows. Luckily (trying not to jinx myself) we have not come across any more turtles or snakes.
Congratulations Melanie and Bill! Can't wait to meet baby Ben!
Also to Andy and Andrea! We're waiting for more pictures of the twins!


karen said...

She will forget about it eventually. Loved the pics from the zoo. I have so many memories of that place. Enjoyed seeing everyone that Sunday. MC's the cutest!

Sara said...

She'll be fine in a few more days without it. Be glad you are getting rid of it now. We all feel guilty when we take it away because it's one more string we have to cut as they grow up from babies to toddlers.

Taylor & Krisa said...

What an adorable family you have!!