Saturday, December 13, 2008



Kendall turns 2 this weekend! We had a great time at her party. She got so many great gifts. I think Mati Claire enjoyed bonding with Uncle Sam the most. He made sure they all played hard enough to sleep good. Finally, we found someone that can match their energy! This is the best picture I could get of Kendall because she wouldn't stay in one spot long enough to take a picture. There was somewhat of a cupcake eating contest but they would kill me if I posted the pictures. Jennifer T., we all give your husband Daniel credit! He brought Payton to the party (we all commented on how our husbands would have never done that).

And the Cookie Party! All the cookies are delicious. I had 1 bite of each and saving the rest for Matt. We stuffed Christmas stockings for children who had interesting wish lists. I'm glad we could provide them with necessities as well as a few extras. The Sunday School's "Jr. members" enjoyed themselves too.

Unfortunately Mati Claire was tuckered out when we left the birthday party and couldn't make the Christmas party. I even bought the Dirty Santa gift and it was a really good one! Too much socializing for MC wore her out.
I will post again when we get back. There's alot going on here. Traveling, visiting a certain grandmother, etc. Alot of stress.

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The Funny Farm said...

I am feeling you on the STRESSED out part! It has gotten ridiculous with the kids and work and everything! If I can make it through Christmas, I will really enjoy the break AFTERWARDS! HAHA! Sugar for the baby from JoyJoy! Wish ya'll lived closer! Kendall is SO BIG!