Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mink Eyes

Hitting the cupcake pinata!

Playing with her "geen" whistle (she brought home about 15 whistles!)

I love this picture of Daddy and Daddy's Girl!

What a week! Trees stolen, no sleep, MC has conjunctivitis, then I woke up with it with this morning! I don't think I've slept all week. I couldn't make it to Tennessee to wish my niece, Kennedy, a happy 3rd birthday! She had a combination of "hoo-hoo" (Blue's Clues) and "boots" (Boots from Dora the Explorer) party. Mati Claire's eye was beginning to look much better, so we decided to attend our neighbor's 4th birthday party! Happy Birthday to the cupcake princess (JA)! We had some friends over Friday night to celebrate Tyanne's 30th birthday! It's always fun to have adult conversation now and then! And Matt's 32nd birthday is coming up! Happy Birthday to everyone!

This morning my eye was matted shut and red, and now MC's is looking worse than yesterday (draining again). I couldn't be brave and show up to church in my glasses...although the pharmacy may get to witness that later this week! These are pics from Saturday.


Tyanne said...

We had fun too, we need to do it more often than birthdays!!
Hope your eye feels better soon, MC looks gorgeous in those pics, i love those pink cheeks!

Tina said...

Those pigtails are awesome!
Hope ya'll get rid of the eye goop soon.

AMANDA said...

What a couple of weeks, I hope this week treats yall beter:)

Erica said...

Mati Claire is so pretty! Love the cheeks and pigtails!


(ooh, ironically, my word verification word is "eyedi." Maybe that is what Mati has....)

gigi said...

Looks like she knew just what to do with the pinata and stick. It paid to practice. What a BEA-U-TI-FUL grand with those pigtails and pink cheeks. Love Gigi