Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Next Please!

Well we are finally clear of pink eyes! From the onset of MC's to the end of mine, it took a solid 2 weeks to get rid of it! Luckily no one else got it. Therefore I am inclined to think that the dark cloud is just over my head...and no one else's. I am so stressed lately. Even my dentist asked me if I was stressed. How did he know? Hm. Maybe I found a therapist.

I feel the need to work a little extra this month since we are going on a couple of quick trips in the future. Trips = money. Plus we are on plumber #4 I think at the lake. We have gone through every plumber in Vicksburg now, and they just want to "look at it." One even wants to charge $300 to come "look at it" AGAIN in 2 weeks. We want it's been looked at long enough. One plumber said that we would need a contractor to fix it - not a plumber. Another plumber never showed up. The last plumber was more concerned about fixing the ceiling than the actual pipes. FIX IT ALREADY! Then we found another leak in the kitchen as well as bee hives in the ceiling. Actual honeycombs. That's after they moved the mass amount of pine straw a.k.a. insulation.

Seriously. Bring on the next crisis. "Save me Tom Cruise...Save me Oprah Winfrey!"

Mati Claire has been wonderful since her eyes cleared up. She has watched The Andy Griffith Show, the movie Jungle Book, and has a new crush on Little Bear. She's working on her colors. Every color is either blue, ya-ya (yellow), or mink (pink). And she acknowledges that letters exist after G. She sort of hummed/said H-P this morning. Getting there. She is so "communicative" (is that the right word?). I love her answering me in an intelligent manner. I know that she understands what I say and she TELLS me what I need to know. It makes life so much easier...even though still demanding. Balkey still goes everywhere with us.

Oh, I also have a little thief on my hands. When I get her out of her buggy seat cover, these random items keep appearing. I apologize WalMart and Target. The little clepto is going to get me arrested one day! ;)


Sara said...

We've been singing the pink eye blues at our house too. I told Addison she had pink eye and she said, "my eyes are not pink they're bwue."

AMANDA said...

Ah,that is funny about the little clepto. My kids use to do that also. I came home with quite a few things from walmart and target!