Thursday, July 2, 2009

Party Checklist:

  1. Decorations? Check.
  2. Cake? Check.
  3. Space jump? Check.
  4. Birthday dress? Check.
  5. Presents? Check.
  6. Clean house? No.
  7. Mommy wants to kill herself yet? Check. Check.
  8. Mommy has the sinus 'crud'? Check. Check. Check.
  9. Mommy coughing her head off? Check.
  10. Ready for the weekend to be over? Check. ;)


Tyanne said...

Seriously, I am going to Flowood in the morning PUHLEASE call me if you need me to pick something up while I am out there.....Even some whiskey to quieten that cough and make the party a little more fun for mommie!! It will be a great party, Sam is so excited. We were looking at pics from the lake and Sarah points at a pic of MC and says "Cware." :)

Sara said...

Hope you feel better. Sinus crud stinks and cleaning house is the pits. You know what always have to clean up again afterwards, so just straighten up and don't worry about it.

Erica said...

You are hilarious.
Have a great weekend--good luck with the party and feel better!

Happy Birthday Mati Claire!

The Funny Farm said...

I can't believe she is TWO already! Happy Birthday! Don't sweat a few toys and a little dust! I promise Mati Claire will never notice! HAHA!