Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 and Terrible

This is how I picked her up from church Sunday. She refused to remove the sticker off her forehead. How funny. But she's upset here because I was taking her picture! The terrible 2's have hit hard. My head is still spinning - what did I do to deserve tantrum after tantrum? She'll throw another one just because I got onto her for the first one. Any tips on how to handle this stage??
Mother's Day Out is going very well! She didn't even notice me leaving today! No tantrums! She started napping on her nap-mat, so I didn't waste any money there. But she generally "pays me back" for my few hours of freedom when she gets home. Attitude, back-talking, fits/tantrums, throwing things, demanding things, you name it! Ugh!


Sara said...

My advice is 1)ignore the tantrum when possible. Let her lay down on the floor and throw it and just step over her and walk out of the room. Remember that negative attention is still attention, so that may be what she's aiming for. 2) act like it's no sweat off your back for her to throw a tantrum. If she is throwing a fit and won't mind. Just say in your happiest voice (she'll later realize that this is actually a sarcastic tone), "oh, mommy's so sorry that you're going to go to time out/get a spanking/get a toy taken away, etc if you don't let me get you dressed." It worked for me. Once Addison realized that I didn't care if she threw a fit...she stopped putting so much effort into them. HA! Good luck!

Ashley said...

I usually tell Adler that he needs to go to his room if he feels like he needs to throw a fit because I don't want to hear it. I tell him he can come out when he gets happy. USUALLY, he will either get happy then and there or he will go to his room where he will throw a fit, get over it and come out.

If its not an all out fit, I will just tell Adler that I can't understand him when he whines or throws a tantrum and to please use his words. If its not already out of control, this usually works. But, you know, there is not a WHOLE lot we can do about 2 year old tantrums- they go hand in hand. Maybe she will get it over with now so when baby comes, it will be a thing of the past!

Cari said...

I feel your pain! Walker is only 16 months old and I am convinced he has already hit the terrible two's! It's terrible! It seems like he throws fits ALL DAY long. Let me know what works! I need help to!

Tina said...

Just wait till she's three...then she can add some sassy back-talk to it. Lovely. (By the way, I've tried all of the above suggestions, and they all work depending on the tantrum du'jour. Good luck!)