Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where are my pants?

Well I was planning to scan an ultrasound picture to show you - but my scanner isn't cooperating. I had my second appointment yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised to get another sonogram! This child seems to be quite the opposite of MC already! It was so active and looked like it wanted to stand up and do jumping-jacks! It waved at us and just moved all four limbs like it was running in place! Anyway, I was just so shocked to see such a big change in 4 weeks. It went from an immobile "blob" to this full-out active person with body parts! I also have a made a big change... going from "yeah yeah don't remind me that I'm pregnant because I don't feel good hag" to a very excited and feeling much better mommy! Not that I wasn't excited before - just didn't feel well enough to enjoy it yet.

I haven't gained any weight - so the dr wanted me to work on that. Ha! I thought I was already eating for an army. But oh I know it's coming. I have no doubt.

So with pregnancy, I have absolutely lost my mind. I forget EVERYTHING lately. Mom surprised me Monday morning by getting here a day early, so I have some help this week! We went to lunch yesterday and MC drank so much tea that her diaper leaked. So I changed her in the car but we were going straight home and just put her in the car seat. Put the wet pants in a bag. After I buckled her up, she had the most shocked look on her face and threw her hands up in the air and yelled "Where are my pants????"

Yes, I have days like today where I went in a local gift shop and realized I was still wearing my houseshoes. At least I had pants on.


Sara said...

Pregnancy brain is the worst! So glad you are feeling better!

Ashley said...

lol! I am still waiting for my lingering pregnancy brain to go away!

How far along are you now- 12 weeks? That's my fav sonogram- the baby looks like a sweet mini baby at this point! Have you scheduled the "big" ultrasound yet?