Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And the winner is...

My 3 year old! She wins by a landslide on who can drive me the craziest! Her tantrums have become unbelievable! We tried "time out in the corner" which seems to be working. I don't even time how long she's there...she has to stay until she stops crying. I can't take it. Today, my MIL gave her a pad of paper to play with (hmmm...maybe she inherited my love of paper). Anyway, for the ENTIRE way home (which takes a good 10 minutes) all I heard was "Momma I got paper...Momma I got paper...paper...Momma? Momma? Momma I got paper..." repeatedly!!!! I didn't know someone could repeat themselves that many times. And if you don't acknowledge her - it only gets worse. Seriously, God bless the 3 year old preschool teachers, daycare workers, kindergarten teachers, and all you other mommas out there!

Mattox has been so fussy and it seemed to be getting worse. After several nights of only getting an hour of sleep here and there, I talked to a friend on Facebook about breastfeeding (thought I had that figured out). She gave me the website about overproduction of milk supply. **sshhh...I hear choir bells*** Long story short - Mattox and I are tweaking a few things during feedings and things SEEM to be getting better. I never knew an oversupply of milk could be a problem!! But he slept better last night, was happier today, and has less gas and burps. We'll see if it keeps up! It might also explain why he weighs 11.4 pounds already!!!!

Love yall but I need to squeeze a night nap in while both kids are asleep!


Amy H. said...

Oh my word, I am SO with you on the constant repetition of a 3yo. Even if you DO acknowledge Bryce, it's like he has to say something a certain number of times (1,000) before he's content with what he has said.

I've been planning to call you, but I've been crazy-busy with spring pictures. I'll try tomorrow.

Tyanne said...

I feel your pain.....Sarah says mama, mommie about a billion times each day and of course Sam tends to chime in a few thousand too!!!
Glad Mattox is giving you some relief and you have figured out the issue!! Counting the hours until Sat!! :)

Sara said...

I certainly understand the constant repeating. I've learned that Addison always does that when she's in need of some special girl time. I think Matt needs to arrange for you and Mati Claire to have some girl time at the spa...just you girls. She would probably treasure that special time with you since baby brother has rocked her world!!

Carly Winborne said...

I remember asking our pediatrician at JA's 3rd bday checkup if it was common for a child her age to constantly repeat herself. He laughed and said of course it's normal. It's how they learn a huge developmental milestone...permancy (no idea how to spell it!). He said it was very important to give the exact same response every time the question was asked. That's what they need to help understand that the same question (or comment) returns the exact same answer. Plus, to refrain from sarcasm. They don't understand it at this age.

So....... even now that I know all this helpful information, I'm trying very hard myself not to pull every last strand of MY HAIR OUT with Jack's constant stream of questions. And usually my answers are followed up with this comment, said exactly like this: "What you said?" Just like a guy. He's already not listening!

Sorry for the super long comment and a little late, since I think you wrote this post like two weeks ago!!!

The good news is that it wears off. Although JA still talks a lot (to me, anyway), she doesn't sound like a broken record like Jack does! Praise the Lord!!