Monday, April 5, 2010

Still here

This is her "cheese" lately. Mattox is showcasing Carly's outfit she made for him!

Mattox is 4 weeks old now. I won't bore you with all the tiny details of how much he's changed in the last few weeks. I'll just post a few pics and you can probably see the difference. We didn't make it to church yesterday...boy am I a sinner. We had every intention of going then Mattox kept me awake ALL night. So I still went through the motions with Mati Claire: got her dressed, Gigi hid eggs, filled her basket, etc. Mom and Dad left this morning; today is my first day alone with both kids! So far so good. If I could just get Mattox on a schedule - don't care what schedule - just any schedule - things would be better. He still has his days and nights confused and he likes to be held. I know I'm sure all babies like to be held, but he REALLY likes it. He doesn't care for any bouncy seat, boppy, swing, chair, laying down, pacifier, or anything - nope! just hold me!

Thank you Mom and Tyanne! Tyanne has been taking MC everywhere for me! and my family is the best! They really helped me out this past month!


Amy H. said...

Your children are beautiful! When you're feeling up to it, let's try to get together for a play date. Hang in there while you still get adjusted to having two. It will come. :)

Tyanne said...

They are so cute!! I love the pics! It has been my pleasure to have MC lately, Sarah may never sit in the other carseat again since she has designated it as "Mati Cware's!"

Tina said...

I love that 'cheesey' smile! Both kiddos are adorable.

Sara said...

They're adorable! Tyanne is the best! What a great friend. Hang in there...these first six months are the hardest. Carly did a great job on the outfit by the cute!