Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You Never Know

I had a big prayer answered this past weekend. It's trivial, but it was a nuisance nonetheless. As a mom, you want your child to be absolutely perfect (and they are). We had taken Mattox to the eye doctor at 6 months to check on his tear duct. Well, I believe it has FINALLY opened on its own at 9 months!!!! He was going to have surgery at 1 year if it hadn't opened, and we were not looking forward to putting him through that. I haven't had to clean it out in 1 week! Like I said, most people would say 'oh whatever--that was no big deal', but it was such a pain to fight with him to keep it clean multiple times a day. In the big scheme of things, no, its not a big deal. But all the same, a prayer answered. It wasn't in my timing, but God's timing. He was teaching me a lesson on patience.

He actually has had a big week! He is 9 months old! He started crawling Friday, and then he can sit up on his own as of Sunday. Tear duct opened. Man, I don't know what to do with myself I'm so excited. I was also going to start cutting down the breastfeeding, since I have a freezer full of it. But Mattox is obsessed. I wasn't blessed with being able to push a baby out but boy can I feed one. I didn't think cutting one feeding out (and substituting a bottle with breastmilk) would be that big of a deal. Yeah, Mattox isn't crazy about that idea. He handles a sippie cup pretty good, so I'm hoping to skip over the bottle phase completely. I give him a few every now and then to get him used to the idea of milk coming from somewhere else. But I have to get through the holidays first, then start tapering off in January. Some of yall might think I'm crazy for going this long... to each his own. I never knew I would have a baby as dedicated to it as I am. Don't worry, I'm sawing the cord... just not cutting it yet. I'm having a hard time with this because when he quits, or I quit, that means he doesn't "need" me like that anymore. That means he's growing up - and nope! not my baby boy! He will never grow up and never date! He's going to be one of those creepy old men who still lives with his mom when he's 40. heehee ;) I kid. this mommy is having a hard time letting go.

I never knew this bib would come to mean so much. We got it when I was pregnant with MC in Hawaii in 2006. If he could talk, that's what he would say:

Doesnt' he remind you of Jim Carrey in Dumb&Dumber here? Something about the hair.

MC has had a great time hanging out with her friend, Miss Sarah lately! She went to her first Christmas parade and loved it! Then she got to see the Nutcracker! oh, this mommy was in heaven.

We opted out of the ballet float in the parade this year. But Sarah is rockin' the Cindy LouWho hair!!! They were so cute!

oh how i love these two. let me count the ways...

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Heather - Your Sister said...

Hey..Ok..First, Tyanne needs to tell how on God's Green Earth she got Sarah's hair to stand up like that??? 2nd, That picture of Sarah Leaning on MC is freaking GORGEOUS!! I can't imagine 2 prettier little girls!!

And yes, unfortunately, Mattox does have a striking resemblence to a baby Jim Carrey in that picture. ha ha...I have two copies of that DVD if you'd like to save one for Mattox.