Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So looking forward to spending New Years with friends. this is usually the post where people reflect on the past year, listing all the things they did and things they will most likely do in the next... so here goes:

I would call this past year a tremendous transitional year! Mati Claire transitioned from 2 days a week Mother's Day Out to a 5-day week a different school. Had to make all new friends and teachers. Began ballet. She also transitioned from crib to 'big girl bed' and was potty trained the week of her birthday. But the biggest transition was becoming a big sister. She's really had a huge year. No wonder she's grumpy most of the time. ;) I kid - gotta love the terrible 3's though.

We welcomed baby Mattox in March. It was a rough start, but we have survived. Things are really great as far as schedules and 'getting to know' him. if that makes any sense. He has transitioned from my serious-fussy baby into a little ham-cheeseball. He sleeps all night (yes 12 hours!) and is slowly getting weaned. Poor thing isn't enjoying that change. I am accepting the fact that he is growing up - I have completely planned his first birthday party already. I wish he could stay about 6 months old forever.

I am moving from the nursing old mom back to my 'real self'. I can't wait to get back in the gym (nursing and exercise doesn't work for me) and get back in my favorite jeans. We didn't get to go anywhere this year - so we made several vacation plans next year!!!!!!!!! I also went from thinking I could never love another child as much as the first, to absolutely proving myself wrong. Went from thinking that I was completely happy with 1 child to thinking I want about a dozen now. I also found a reignition of my faith. This was huge for me this year. Transitioned from a routine 'lets get this over with' church going Christian - to an 'on fire'- inspired - God fearing - and God loving Christian. Just when I thought I didn't have time to do anything else except care for a newborn, God has made alot of changes in me.

Matt's year hasn't really changed that much only if you can add more work to it. If that was even possible...he found a way. He works A. LOT. But he is becoming a DEACON this weekend. I am so proud of him...(and who would have ever thunk it ;) ???) He is the best person I have ever met and is truly my better half.

So! Happy New Year to everyone! We have a fun-filled year planned already. But I can not start it until this house is cleaned up...


Taylor & Krisa said...

A life full of blessings! Your bible study is definitely on top of my list of things I'm looking forward to for 2011! Happy New Year!

Sara said...

Happy New Year, my friend!