Monday, January 3, 2011

A Good Start

I am so blessed to be married to a deacon! Matt had the privilege of being ordained last night, and we thank God for the opportunity to serve Him. Matt had been looking for a way to serve in the church (after I decided to volunteer in the preschool department) and God found a way! I know God has big plans for us this year and I am so excited!

Congrats to these servants!
2011 has started out pretty good. Mattox got tooth #3 and is working VERY hard on #4&5. I also found him standing up in his crib for the first time this morning. Mom and Dad are here visiting for a few days so I get some help (and Dad always does things around the house for me! Thanks Dad!). And since I'm in birthday party planning mode, I decided on Mati Claire's 4th birthday party theme (with her input of course)!!! ..........................Drum roll........................
ART PARTY! Mati Claire dearly loves to color and draw. She would rather do that than open her Christmas presents. Actually, she would rather color than do ANYTHING...even eat. And I figured that most parents (or at least me) do not like to let their children paint very often. So I'm going to let them finger paint, color, make crayons, draw, chalk, or do whatever their inner artist feels like. Easely Amused prefers children's parties to be ages 6&up, so I thought I could create my own easel here with some massive sized paper. Wish me luck that my entire house is not covered in graffiti.

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Cari said...

What an awesome way to start 2011!!! So happy for your family!!