Sunday, January 9, 2011

Party Projects!

I am SO excited about Mattox's first birthday and party! I chose a golf theme. Have to say that it is one of the easiest themes to come up with ideas. I wish I could take a picture of everything I've got and planned, but it will have to wait until the party so you can get the full effect. ha! I got this idea from And I must say it is so cute!

This is my first project that I'm working on: balloon wreath! Maybe yall have already seen these, but I hadn't. I loved her 'rainbow' wreath, but I decided to go with the party theme colors (then I realized its also my alma mater's colors - go Gators!). I was going to add yellow balloons, but then it became very John-Deere-ish or Green-Bay-Packerish. Bear in mind, that I am NOT through with it!!!! The 'recipe' called for 144 balloons, and I ran out!!! I need way more than that. But this nasty weather will not allow me to make another trip to PartyCity for the right color balloons today.

First, you need a straw wreath (keep the plastic on to keep it from shedding). I'm glad I got the smaller wreath because it takes ALOT of balloons:

Then, you get your 144+ balloons and greening pins (Hobby Lobby didn't know what those were so these are called Floral pins):

Then, you start attaching! Put the pin around the balloon half way and start pushing:

Obviously, I'm not through. But you get the idea. I'm actually adding a dark green balloon into it. and then putting a yellow flag in the middle with the number 1 on it. You'll see the finished product in my March pictures! ha!
Now. Who needs a green and white balloon wreath after March? I can add yellow if you're doing a John-Deere party! ;) Maybe the Jets or the Eagles will go to the Superbowl and I can use it then too.


Mom said...

My daughter DOES have a creative nature. Way to go, Carrie!! MOM

Tyanne said...

looks great!!

Sara said...

Very cute. You should keep it and use it for St. Paddy's day each year.