Friday, May 6, 2011


Tornados, storms, and now floods. At least we had a warning. I grew up in Vicksburg and I L.O.V.E. Mississippi river cities (the Delta, Natchez, and V'burg). So it is heartbreaking to see the river creeping up in everyone's back yard. It usually takes us 45 min to get to our house at the lake and it took us almost 2 hrs to get there. Alot of roads are closed...we even drove through water to get home. We came through Satartia farm lands, and its so sad to see their crops gone! I am asking everyone to pray for all these areas. My neighbor at the lake lives there permanently and her parents have had to move in with them. We managed to get everything out. Not only was I worried about the water/moisture ruining everything but also the looting that will most likely occur afterwards. Anyone remember New Orleans in Katrina? We haven't had the house long, but its still "our stuff". ya know? can you tell i'm just a little stressed out here??? :) This is a pic of our pier --- underwater. I was reminded by someone that it is "just stuff" and it's "just a house". Amen to that. I needed to hear it.

Can I vent? So I have been sick with the sinus crud since we got back from the beach, completely sleep deprived, my parents came to stay for a few days (which is not stressful - actually helpful) but that means cooking more, cleaning more, etc..., Easter weekend, ballet rehearsal, ballet recital, we ALL came down with yet another stomach bug for a few days but luckily felt better by recital time, i've worked five 14 hour days in the last few days, and oh yeah - your house is going to flood - so you better move everything out soon. All of this during rain rain and more rain. And what's up with this cold weather? Had to dig out packed-away clothes.

On a good note? Got plenty of new pictures ordered and I can't wait for them to come in! I promise I will post pics of the ballet recital - MC did great!!!!! It was truly one of the sweetest moments of my life! Mattox took 1-2 steps but he didn't do it on purpose (more in the act of cruising from one piece of furniture to the other) so I'm not sure if it counts. But regardless, he is desperately trying to walk. We are pacifier free for over a week now! And he has cut off baby food for the most part. He will eat chicken, diced fruit, nutrigrains, crackers, turkey sandwich, pb&j sandwich, etc... but he does NOT like pasta, mac-n-cheese, or vegetables of any kind. It's so funny to me: MC is my vegetable child and Mattox is my fruit child.

I feel like I've been on a rollercoaster of emotions in the last 2 weeks... and. i. am. exhausted. We couldn't have made it these last weeks without the help of Tyanne, James, Barry, and my parents!!! Love you all!

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