Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ballet Recital

I have to be honest... I enjoyed this too much. More than her. Just brought back alot of memories. Erica, if my scanner worked I would scan in some old pics just for fun. oh well - that might be embarrassing. I even teared up during the show. My sweet baby girl did GREAT! Not just saying that because she's my daughter, but because there was no tee-tee'ing on the stage, no nose picking, no standing still, no scratching booty, or no crying!! Yay! Success! She had me worried after rehearsal. But we got there and she had one meltdown in the dressing room. I don't blame her.. I almost had a meltdown too. Forgot how chaotic it is back there. Just glad that she got it all out before she took the stage!

Her first dance was the jazz number to the song "She's Got the Beat" and then her ballet dance was to "Baby of Mine". Yes, that baby of mine.

"Not so sure about this mom..."

"She's got the beat.... .... ... yeah!"

"this is how i roll..."

Sorry for the bad blurry pics.. I was trying to watch and not focus on my camera. I have more of the ballet, but she was in the back row, so they just didnt' turn out that well.

And where was Mattox during this time?

Crusing back and forth between 9 people that all had some type of food!


Erica said...

I wish I had been there. Oh, man...the memories.
I should scan the rest of my old photos, too. There are so many great memories (and not so great-remember when I got locked in the bathroom afterwards that one year?)

Mati Claire looks so great! Too much preciousness. More photos, please!

wagsandpurrs said...

Carrie, your children are beautiful! And recitals! How fun is that???