Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Easy It Is

to forget!!! The doctor can go ahead and label my chart with a 'Caution: Alzheimer's patient' sticker.

1)  Matt had to remind me this morning that it was my birthday.  yep.  Woke me up by telling me Happy Birthday and I actually said "huh?".....what are you talking about?  i had no clue.  My first thoughts consisted of 'i have to get mc dressed, need to get breakfast going, mom's not here so get up...'  btw, Gigi is getting a much needed break from Mattox.  

2)  and no matter how many kids you have... i don't think you ever remember just how BAD you feel with each one.  Because if you did - you certainly wouldn't do it again.  How can I forget that morning sickness doesn't go away at the end of first trimester like "it should."  And just the overall BLAH feeling.  No energy.  Headaches.  Nausea.  Lack of appetite.  Stretching pains.  Back aches.  Lack of mental clarity.    And with each episode of whatever...i say to myself "oh i forgot about that."  

3)  Then I'm eating at a restaurant.  I eat whatever I feel like because nothing goes over well anyway.  My goal when ordering is to find something that won't make me throw up.  Then a friend says "Aren't you pregnant?"  and hinting at the fact that its not on a pregnancy or healthy diet.   I reply by shoving another bite in my mouth.  Yes I am.  But I didn't want to admit the real reason --- i FORGOT!!  I forgot I wasn't suppose to eat feta cheese or shrimp.  Yes, full off pride.  

So if you walk past me and I don't see/recognize/speak to you - I apologize and my brain will hopefully return in approximately 6 months (+plus a few for sleep deprivation).   

So I've edited this post to add this quick story:
MC:  "did your friends forget to come to your party tonight?"
Me: "well, when you get my age you don't really have birthday parties like you do."
MC: " must be really old then.  my friends wouldn't forget."

yes...i am that old that i would forget my own party. love that little stinker. 

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Erin said...

HAHA! Happy birthday again!

And don't worry. I ate ham and turkey all the time when I was pregnant and NEVER EVEN THOUGHT about it. Especially when it's not your first, you just don't have time to think about crap like that. You think about sleep and making sure you are wearing shoes. Important stuff!