Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's in a Name?

NO! I have NOT decided on a name yet.  One week, I'm leaning towards one name... the next week I will tell you something completely different. And I'll also tell you each week that yes, that is definitely the name! ha! We have a short list... all M names of course.   And.... I like them ALL!

I made the mistake of asking people which name they liked better - my advice: NEVER do that.  EVERYONE has an opinion, usually bad.  So I will announce it when we've decided.  And boy are people mean about it. What did I learn this week? If ANYONE ever asks me if they like a name, I will tell them YES I love it - whether I do or not! It is their decision.  And that's why we get to name our own kids! And I would never want to hinder someone else's thought process.   Or if you don't like it, you don't have to give a reason why - just say you don't like it. period.

If you had asked me any day in the last 5 years after MC was born what I would have named my next daughter, I would have told you the same name without hesitation.  But now, this baby is showing me God's plan and not my plan.  I can have a plan (aka name) for the past 5 years, and all of a sudden it just doesn't seem to fit the current plan.  So I am open for suggestions, but I assure you I have looked at every name in the book.  Literally.

I will tell you the middle name is Chandley = C (my first initial) + Handley (my maiden name).  A friend in the 11th grade at MSMS once told me I should name my kid that one day.  It was my email login name.    We saw each other's email names so much we made it a habit of calling each other by that name.  Hers was "khill" = kill.  ;)  another was "chopper" ... you get the idea.   Somehow the name stuck.  lol

Oh, I'm also working on upgrading the blog.  Will make it easier to navigate baby's story from everything else.  Very excited about it.


Erin said...

Yet another reason we didn't tell anybody our name until she came into this world. Once people know you are pregnant they ask 2 questions: 1) Do you know what you are having and 2) Have you picked out a name?

And it kills people NOT to know your name even if you have picked it.

There is still plenty of time for that sweet baby girl to get a name. As long as you have one before you leave the hospital!

Dianne said...

I love reading your blogs because you often write things I have thought so many times. I'm sure any name you pick out will be great. It is very hard to name baby #3. Courtney was Aubrey, Carrie, Laney, Chaney and Courtney. I don't know what I'll do if I ever have another girl. I LOVE Chandley. (precious, not just saying that)

Heather said...

I'm your older sister. It's my job to give you my opinion. Just like you told me about Cooper Klauber. ha ha ha....I like all the choices though. Any would be fine, so you just have to pick your favorite of 3 good names. Erin, you just think people get mad if you don't tell them a name. Try doing what I did...and not knowing what you were having!!! That really drove people insane. It didn't matter...I had a boy name, and a girl name picked out!! HaHa...