Monday, August 27, 2012

A New Love

I've added a few things to my "favorite things" list!! 

1)  Okay people - I used to make fun of the women who used these.  Seriously.  I thought these women were extremists who just wanted to look weird and show off.  UNTIL.... I had a baby that has to be held at all times (almost).  I try to cut her some slack because she went 3 weeks straight out of the womb where she wasn't held or touched.  She was sticked, prodded, probed, intubated, extubated, and attached to wires.  When Mati Claire was a baby, she would sit in a swing or chair or whatever for HOURS! Mattox was a hold-me baby...I tried a sling but never felt comfortable using it and I think he sensed that too.  He quickly got too big to use it anyway.  I didn't like the sling because I didn't feel the baby was secure and I still had to use my hands to support him at all times - which totally defeats the purpose, right?  So!  I bought a MOBY wrap! I figured what the heck.  I'll try anything if it makes her stop screaming.  It has a minimum weight of 8 lbs but I think we have all broken the "baby rules" at one time or another.  She loves it!  My love is your love.  Even if I look weird.  
Sorry its blurry - i am not a pro at figuring out the camera's timer.   And i have on no makeup so i tried to crop myself out of it as much a possible.  I can actually get stuff done being HANDS FREE!! 
2)  The Wubba-Nub.  I saw these in a store and passed over them.  First I can't stand the Soothie pacifiers.  But thats what she got used to in the NICU, and when there is a lack of comfort items around there, I couldn't bring myself to swap it out later.  My sister came to visit and brought me the Wubba-Nub giraffe.  Its awesome because you don't drop it as easily and you can wrap into the swaddle blanket!  No clips or sharp edges to worry about!  And in the middle of the night when you are scraping the sheets to find it for her (again, so she'll stop screaming) - its easily findable!  

3) Her O.  or her old-O.  No its not pretty.  No there's no bellybutton.  She has become even more aware of her surroundings and is beginning to interact more.  She started smiling and actually cooing.  [ah--- be still my heart].  If you talk to her enough, she will eventually smile and laugh at you. I went to tickle her belly for the first time without thinking and of course I came up short.  Afraid to hurt her belly.  I tickled her sides anyway and her ribs... and I thought to myself "who needs a bellybutton anyway?"  She's great the way she is and still laughs at you... you can tickle her feet or her neck!  It hurts as a mother because you want your child to be healthy and perfect as possible.  Its taken a long time to say "its ok."

4)  and last but not least.  These 3 are always at the top of my favorite things list:
Big/Lil Sis/Bro shirts made by Jennifer Townsend at Cotton.Patch.Kids on FB.  

And Big Girl News Today:  Merritt weighs 6 lbs 9 oz!!!!!!!!!  That is 1/2 lb this week = "a normal baby's" weight gain!  [Just fyi - week 5 she only gained 3 oz, 2 oz in week 6, and 8 oz this week!]  Go Merritt... its your 7 week birthday!

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Pamela said...

Whoop Whoop!!Silence is golden!!! Hahaha! So happy she's comfy and so are you!! Thanks for the encouraging words over on the blog..It always helps:)