Friday, August 24, 2012

A New Normal

Well I have been spending A.LOT of time here:

Between waiting in the car rider line for an hour every morning and afternoon (and on first day it was 2 hours each way), PTO Fundraiser, and homeroom mom duties - I am trying to squeeze time in for my 2 year old and newborn on top of household chores!  Gigi left yesterday morning for good (*sniff*) and I'm learning to balance our new normal!! There have been so many changes in the past 2 months!  

I'm trying to find a new routine by adding Merritt's un-routine schedule to our mix.   She is doing better I guess.  She weighed 6 lbs. 3 oz the other day.  We started the Lasix and the only difference I can see is that maybe she does breathe slower (she originally breathed really fast pre and post surgery).  She has had a few spells where her face turns blue - which was not pleasant for either of us.  I think the doctor's goal is that if she can breathe slower and take the edge off her heart working so hard - she would feel better and eat more.  Not sure if its working, but all is well.  We are getting a second opinion but our pediatrician agreed with everything so far.  The new cardiologist, Dr.C, continues to disappoint me by rescheduling her next appt for another month away.  I thought he said he wanted to keep watch on her every 4 weeks?? I think she definitely has colic though.  She really likes to exercise her lungs around 9 pm for no reason at all other than to irritate me.  Her hernia looks bigger to me and Matt... hmm  :(  

Mattox's Mother's Day Out can not start soon enough.  He's going through terrible 2's, jealousy over new baby and lets-cling-on-to-mom's-leg-24/7 phase, getting his last 2 molars, and attempting to potty train.  Attempt being the key word.  No success yet.   But in his clingy-ness, he is still a sweetheart.  As much as I hate the fact that I can't move without stepping on him, I love that he's so lovable.  

Mati Claire is still sorting out some new Kindergarten issues, but doing well overall.  She had a few meltdowns over walking to her classroom by herself (it is an extremely long walk for them with the way they have traffic routed).  Just took a few days to get over that.   And she's just plain exhausted.  #mustgetinbedearlier!   She is missing Claire-bear tremendously.  She told me yesterday after I picked her up that she didn't have a best friend this year.  Breaks my heart.  She came home and drew a picture for me to mail to Claire.  :(    On the flip side - she LOVES Mrs. Landfair!! Today was their "Brown Day" and "Teddy Bear Day"  where they got to take their teddy-bears to school.  Oh how I love the kindergarten year! This year is going to be great!

And a footnote:  she is selling Entertainment books for her fundraiser this semester.  $30 for great coupons and discounts at restaurants and retail stores that we all go to!  Message me if interested!
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Pamela said...

I'm also tempted to drop MK off at the door with Murphy on Monday and they can figure out what to do with her and her meltdowns, tamtrums (the WORST), NOT sleeping, clingy-ness, WHINING, irritating behavior!!!! I DO love her to the max, but I'm with you...MDO can't start soon enough!!! Haha.
Been thinking about sweet Merritt a lot:) Love the teddy bear cupcakes too. Glad you are taking the adjustment all in stride!! I hope it remains easy for everyone!!