Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Genetically 50

Merritt had her Genetics appointment yesterday.  He saw no physical indicators of any other disorder but took a blood test to rule out anything that the amnio could not detect.  We get those results back in about 2 months! yay for waiting!  Its been awhile since we had been back at UMC, and it brought back alot of unpleasant thoughts and memories.  We were both glad to be out of there! He brought up all of the questions that we have answered SO many times before and just reminded me of all the things that I don't like to think about.  We have definitely moved on in a good way, because I left the office on the verge of tears - just felt like he was hammering at me to give him an answer on why she had an omphalocele.  I understand its their job to find evidence of everything - but we are at peace knowing that we don't know why it happened or how exactly - but that God allows things to happen for a reason.  It was a good example of science trying to interfere with God's work!  There is no explanation!

Today was the 50th day of school for kindergarten - so they had a sock hop and learned about the 50's! Which means this Homeroom mom went into working overtime! Served hamburger sliders, fries, coke floats, and my usual cupcakes! sorry - i can't throw a party without cupcakes!  Mrs. L's birthday was last week, so I wanted to throw in a few pics from that too - we gave her a surprise party with "26" candles on her cake! 

I took 2 ideas I found on the internet, and took it to Dream Cakes in Flowood.  They actually made it. Awesome.  And every child had "their own piece of cake with their name on it!"  = no fighting over the pieces!  The candles I had leftover from MC's art party cake.  
Umm.. yeah, we thought we might set off the smoke alarm at Clinton Park.  How embarrassing would that have been?!?! I would have died.  Luckily we didn't! But alot of smoke.  Thank goodness I only put 26 (and not 40).
Mrs. L blowing out her candles!!!!
This makes me want to go back to Kindergarten!  Hamburger cupcakes (stole this idea from Obseussed.com .  Yellow cupcake cut in half, brownie for the "meat", Yellow and red tube frosting for "mustard and ketchup", and green colored coconut for the "lettuce", and real sesame seeds sprinkled on top!)

My little 50's girl! "Pink" lady

Yep! That's 20 slider burgers going on all at once in my kitchen!  Set my smoke alarm off finally.  Had to make 40 burgers for lunch today! whew! I'm tired.  Thank you mom for washing my dishes while I served up at the school. 
Thank you Paula for the baskets, liners, and picking up the fries!! You rock!  
Kellan and Mati Claire striking a Grease pose I think.   They say you marry someone that you look similar to.  Hmmmm... ;)
I hadn't had a coke float in For.ever.  Soooo good! Thank you DeMarla for supplying the cups!

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odomfamilyfun said...

What a darling idea!! You are amazing~in so many ways!

Claire said...

Um...all these treats AMAZE me! Wow! And that "Grease" picture...too cute. :-)