Sunday, October 28, 2012

Punky Time

Mattox has been giving me fits lately - but at least he makes me smile in between.  He calls a pumpkin a "punky" and he'll change his voice lower and haunt Mati Claire by yelling "I'm scawy!!!"   He is making progress in the potty training department - yay!  But still not sleeping well.  No idea what's up with that.  Win some and lose some.  

Given a 1 week notice, I THREW a Halloween Party together!  And this was my first Halloween Party so I had to scrounge to find the leftover stuff at all the stores.  Most of the stores had already cleared out Halloween and moved onto Christmas.  So it was Punky Time at our house!  Plus I'm doing the Halloween Party this Wednesday for the Kindergarten class, so I really had double cause.  I got some of these ideas from Our Best Bites.  I have one word for you: Pinterest.  All things are possible with Pinterest.  I kid.  Other food items there: apple cider, burnt rotel, rice krispie treats, hot dogs, and candy of course! 

Thank you to everyone who came and those of you that contributed (food, hayride, drinks, ice, and even keeping an eye on the kids too).  It was a blast! A cold blast - which is why you don't see Merritt in any pics.  She stayed inside with my mother-in-law.  Thank you Mrs. Paula too!

Graveyards: chocolate pudding with crushed oreos on top.  
Frankenstein marshmallow pops! I couldn't find my stand for these but still cute.
Pretzel Candy fingers.  Not my fave to make...which is why there were only 12.  
My "8-layer Taco Dip".  All the taco dip recipes are called "7-layer dips" but none had a guacamole layer.  I don't like guacamole, but my sister has a fine recipe for homemade guacamole.  Decorated with sour cream piped through a Ziploc bag.  And a plastic spider.  
Carly made these ADORABLE Acorns!! Everyone's favorite! All I know is that you can't go wrong with Shipley's donut holes!
Best party trick ever.  Dry Ice in Kool-aid.  It bubbles, sizzles, makes slurpy creepy noises.  Apparently its safe to drink as well, but no one was brave enough to try it (sans the actual piece of ice)
Mummy Dogs
I found these cute spider bowls at Kroger.  Too cute!
Found cute stickers at Target for the drink labels.  Poison = orange Kool-aid.  
It's my new must-do.  Just in case they ever do get married.  We'll have tons of pics. hehe.  I kid. Well not really. ;)

Mattox actually MINDED and sat still for the group photo!!
3 Little Pigs: Kaytlin, Kinley, Macy Kate; Wolf: Murphy; Batman1: Walker; Batman2: Matthew; Spiderman: Kellan; Peter Pan: Jack; Batman3: Landry; Giraffe: Hudson; Strawberry Shortcake: Brooke; Little Red Riding Hood: Mati Claire; Wolf: Mattox; Rapunzel: Jordan Ann; Superwoman: Peyton [not pictured: Grant, Jack H., Addy Ryan, Merritt, and Allie]
His first hayride I think.
Thanks to Mr. Will and SchoggenScapes for the hayride!!!!
Brooke and MC
What do you do when the party is over? Sit in the floor and eat chocolate of course!

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Sara said...

Too cute. You did awesome!

Heather Klauber said...

I say the same thing about Kennedy and Jason. I may have to hunt really hard for all the disks and thru thousands of pictures to find them all...but just in case...I'll have an entire reception's worth of adorable pictures of them together as kids!!! ha ha ha....