Saturday, November 10, 2012

4 months old!

Might be a boring post.  Sorry.  I'm mentally and physically exhausted.

Punkin is 4 months old!!!!! How did that happen?  She still looks like a big newborn, so in my mind, she still is.  She acts, sleeps, eats, and does everything else like a newborn.  She's working on holding her head up, but with 2 maniac older siblings, she doesn't get alot of tummy time -- or any time in the floor for that matter.  I am working on stopping what I am doing and trying to devote more time for this.

She is more interactive and is starting to smile alot!  That's worth everything in the world to me!  And boy, oh, boy does she look like Mati Claire!  I'll be changing her diaper - and my mind just goes back in time - I forget who I'm dealing with.  So far, my favorite thing to do is change her diapers.  Why you say?  Because as strange as this is... I get to move her tiny little fat roll on her thighs to clean her up!  Weird - but it makes me smile every time!  It's the little things, people!

She has her cardiology check up this week, so I was going to wait to post these pics, but couldn't help myself.  She's too darn cute.  She weighs 9 lbs. 7 oz.  Wears Size 1 Diapers and finally bumped up to 0-3 month size clothes... but not 3 months size.  The most she'll sleep at night is 5 hours (and that's rare).  

Matt and I would love to have more kids.  Crazy I know!  But sometimes I think God is stretching out this newborn phase so that I can soak up every minute of it... because maybe she's the last.  Only He knows.  And as much as I complain about not getting any sleep, I love this stage.  They are only this little for a short while.

On Facebook, people will post what they are thankful for every day for the entire month of November.  Don't get me wrong - I'm all in favor of this.  But I have more than 30 things to be thankful for.  And I thank God for them every single day.  Here's a picture of the top of my list this year:

She is really discovering her surroundings - and was fascinated by the flowers on her feet.  

Wanted to show yall a different angle of her hernia/O.  Sometimes the pictures make it look bigger than it is. 
I'm under the impression that I'm not suppose to any video footage of yesterday, but I think I'm allowed to post the still-shot pictures.  Mati Claire had Parent's Day at Ballet yesterday.  Ahhh... loved it!  Of course I didn't read the parent rules until today - I wasn't suppose to take my flash camera in and there I was snapping away!  For those of you that don't know, we changed her ballet school this year.  New teacher, new school, new rules, and obviously it has paid off!  She is learning alot!
MC, Brooke, and Wellsley
Pique 1, pique 2! 
Check out that first position! 

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Pamela said...

I love the pic of her staring down at the teacher's foot when it is pointed!!! She's like "How do you do that???" :) So cute.