Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh Yes I Did!

Saw these TeePee Cupcakes on Pinterest (as many of you did I'm sure).  The link for idea/tutorial is HERE.  But I can add a major list of sidenotes from my own experience to these directions!  My only assignment for MC's Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast was cupcakes.  Yeah I think I can handle that! lol!  Well, I was going to do turkeys but saw these and decided they looked more fun.  

Carrie's Footnotes:
1)  Buy SUGAR cones.  NOT WAFFLE cones........................6 boxes later...
2)  Buy KROGER brand.  Not brand name Keebler.  Those began to "unwrap" in the oven. And they are smaller than generic.  
3)  The upside down aluminum pan did not work for me.  See my invention using my CorningWare in picture below.  
4)  My oven on REGULAR bake setting did not work for me = burnt cones.
5)  CONVECTION setting on the oven worked like a charm.
6)  Check for holes in the cones.  Or you will have an empty cone 15 minutes later. hehe.
7)  Cute? Absolutely.  Tedious?  a tad bit.  Worth it in taste? No.  Worth it in creativity? Yes.  Messy? you bet.  Will the kids love it? I can only hope.  
8)  The cupcake WILL fall out while dipping the bottoms.  good luck with that.
9)  And the lady is serious when she says "use scissors".  There is no knife in my kitchen that will do what you want it to do.  Scissors.  Who knew.

Aluminum pan + Waffle cones = COLOSSAL failure!  I took this right before they all toppled over.
That's more like it (my own invention).  Minus the waffle cone part.
Yep.  A hole will give you mistake #1001.
Epic failure on the right with waffle cones.  Lovely little teepees on the left.
It's a TEEPEE cupcake!  They should really be called cake-bite though.  There's literally 2 small bites of actual cake inside. 
My little Indian village
Let's top it off with some ACORNS in case they don't like the cupcakes. lol!  These are so easy even Mattox helped make them.  
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Pamela said...

You make me laugh...Thanks:)I wish I had as much passion for baking creations as you do!! You make it seem so fun!! But I know I would've shoved all that down my disposal without one teepee to show for it!!