Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Chapters

Merritt has had such a big week!  Most of you saw where I posted on FB where she pulled up all by herself for the first time.  Bless it - her legs were shaking until she locked her knees.  It was so precious.  Normally I wouldn't be boasting about things like that, but when you have a child that has to fight so hard for the simple things (like eating, pulling up, obviously walking is not in her sights yet at 14.5 months)  - it just makes it all the more sweet when they do.  I have learned to really appreciate the little things.  

Then yesterday, she drank out of a sippy cup all by herself!  Still not sold on the idea but she did it several times (more playing than actual drinking) but I'm glad to see her doing a little more.  I have been having some "down days" which I think must be normal when you are surrounded by healthy "normal" babies.  I can't turn her around in her car seat, she's not walking........ but by golly she is pulling up and attempting a sippy cup!!!! Gotta stay positive!

Then today, we had Baby Dedication at our church!  Our church has really gone above and beyond the  dedication service.  We had to read a book, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity.  Then listen to 3 audio downloads about what it truly means to dedicate your child.  We wrote a letter to our child (to give to her when she's 18) explaining how we plan to raise her and what our hopes and dreams are for her.  What do we pray for her?  It's definitely more than just standing in front of the congregation to showoff your baby in a beautiful dress (although we did that too ;))    After the reception, we received a "My Faith Book" for Merritt.  It is similar to a baby book, but a journal to keep notes about their faith and their walk with God.  Its a place to document their salvation, their baptism, their first Lord's Supper, their first time in "Big Church, what some of their prayers have been, an annual parent plan, and other important moments in their Christian life.  I look forward to filling it up with my notes, pictures, mementos, thoughts, and using the resources it gives to help us as parents.  

Tired + hungry = no smiling for camera!

Sidenote:  Merritt talked through the ENTIRE service today.  I almost dropped her 3 times because her pacifier that obviously did not pacify her was attached to my necklace since it wouldn't stay attached to her dress.  We became entangled and she just wanted down on the floor.  And breakfast.  And to take a nap.  Ah...good times.  

Mati Claire has not only 1 loose tooth (her first) she has THREE! oh my.  Someone make time stop.  And make them not fall out until at least next Wednesday when have Christmas Card pictures made.  I love her sweet dainty straight little teeth and I will miss her baby smile so much!  I am documenting now - that I will NOT be pulling any teeth.  No sir.  No mam.  This mommy does NOT do belly buttons, teeth pulling, circumcisions, or any other delicate matters.  I had ALL of my teeth pulled by the dentist as a child so I never experienced it that I remember.  I spent 8 years in braces (not exaggerating) and I still wear my retainer once a week my entire adult life.  So I am NOT looking forward to this new phase with Mati Claire!  

One last "cheese" with ALL of her baby teeth.  *sniff sniff*
Luckily times seem to be stuck on Mattox... the terrible 3's appear to never end.  At least he's sharp in his suit though.  ;)

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