Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Post-Skin Cancer

I am skin cancer free as of today!  ha! 

It went well.  He got it all in 1 "dig".  So I am very thankful it didn't take multiple dig sessions.  But I am in alot more pain than I was anticipating.  It feels like static electricity all over my face on top of intense throbbing.  He didn't say, but I think there are 4 stitches.  I tried to keep my eyes closed for most of it.   I was sort of mentally prepared for the procedure (lidocaine shot to numb which I knew would be painful, dig a layer out, the dr marks/maps it, they covered the area while I waited 30 min-1 hr while he checked the cells, if good - I would be done, if bad - repeat the whole process).  

But no one said anything about the side effects!  It hurts to lean over = all the blood rushes to your head and it starts to throb worse.  My teeth hurt.  My eyes hurt.  My head hurts.  My lips move therefore moving the area above your mouth which causes it to hurt = I can't eat or talk well yet.  Hurts to smile.  Tylenol or Advil is not quite cutting the pain.  I know I know... Matt thinks I am a very big baby and can't handle pain.  The only knife he has been under is Lasik Eye surgery!  3 C-sections and now this do not exactly feel good.  

I am going to really insult myself by showing you pics of me looking DREADFUL!  7:00 am + no makeup + lidocaine shots in your nose make your eyes water... but here is the sight today.  I can't uncover it until tomorrow.  

I go back next week to get the stitches removed.  :/

My cheering section.  "Be strong, momma!"
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Mom said...

You did great, kiddo! Just quit laughing so much--just for a couple more days.

rgy said...

just to drop you a line and tell you that I discovered your blog by "accident" while cruising the web - you sound just amazing, taking so much in stride. Keep up the good work; your kids couldn't have a better mom.

Monir Hossain said...

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