Monday, October 28, 2013

Monster Mash 2013

I should really know better than to plan something or commit to doing something in October.   I am not lying when I can predict we will be sick e-v-e-r-y October.  Mattox --> Merritt --> Me --> Merritt...

Stomach bug and flu like symptoms... so NOT fun.

At the time only Merritt was sick, and we kept her inside away from everyone = no pics of Mitt.   So I'll let the pics do the talking since I'm barely functioning.  But a huge THANK YOU to my mom for helping with the party and inspiring adults to get dressed up in costume next year (where is my pic of you?) and to MIL "Nana" for keeping my kids while I was incapacitated yesterday.

I also left my camera inside while we took the hayride, so I have no pics of that. :(  But another HUGE thank you to Mr. Will aka Mr. SchoggenScapes for doing the hayride again!  That is always the highlight of the party! everyone loved it!  Thank you!

My handsome Batman who was only cool enough to let me take a few pics of him "no pitchers mom...i'm Batman"
Miss Audrey Hepburn (and my party favor boxes)
My niece Kennedy spent the week with us while she was on Fall Break!  such a sweetie!
Officer Harrison and Inmate Harrison 

My witch cupcakes

Pumpkin rice krispies!  And I did not take a pic of the marshmallow Candy Corn = adorable!

Halloween Trail Mix = yummy!

Soo cute!  Thank you Carly!  Always one of my favorite treats!
Dry Ice = a magnet for little kids.  this needed a "guard" the entire time.
Hot chocolate, apple cider 
I loved these.  These belong to Gigi.  
We had a problem last year with kids coming in to use the bathroom, and playing on the front door so I thought this might deter the darlings from using the front door.... and it worked!  X means NOooo :)
Yes, the best one out of TONS I took for the group pic.  Missing Allie though.

The "real" Peter Pan!  loved the hair

best buds
I ATTEMPTED to show an outdoor movie, but the sound system was a bust and we could not hear it.  :(  We tried Charlie Brown!
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Erin Hern said...

You need to post some of your Halloween treat recipes! And Carly's. I need an idea of something to bring to work Thursday.