Friday, December 20, 2013

Last but not Least

I realize I post ALOT about Merritt.  Despite being the third child, she is definitely the first in ALOT of ways!  Not talking about the omphalocele, but you could include that too.  Most of the time I only see what she's not doing well in development (not walking, not talking, not weighing enough to turn her car seat around, not taking a sippy cup, etc) I am delighted over the little things that I get to experience every day and see the positives she brings to our house!  I tend to forget these subtle smiles she gives me and here are a few of my favorite things about her.  In a way, she makes my life EASIER because she is:  

1.  My first child to ever eat macaroni-and-cheese.  Ever.
2.  My first child to ever eat potatoes.  Of any kind besides french fries.  Yep...  true story.
3.  My first child to eat my cooking without complaining.  And then claps because she always likes it!  And I seriously mean w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r. I cook!  Anything and everything (except fruit)!  She knows how to make a mommy feel good!
4.  My first child to be put in the crib wide awake and put herself to sleep.  Not every night, but its becoming more frequent.  Lately she'll ask to go "night night"
5.  She was the quickest to learn what the word "No" means.  And actually mind on most occasions.
6.  My first child to get all 4 of her 1-year molars and I never knew it.  Not a single dose of Tylenol.  Now the others were not so nice, but I'll take it.
7.  My first child to actually hang on to me when I hold them on my hip.  Its the little things people.
8.  My first child that likes my singing.  And got mad when I stopped.
9.  The first child to not outgrow her clothes faster than I can buy them.  
10.  The first to HATE a dirty diaper.  and i love this. 
11.  I thought my others were talkers.... I was wrong.  She babbles constantly.  Strange that we are starting speech therapy in January.  (Her only words at the moment are "bye bye" "mama" "da da" "nigh nigh" and "Nana")
12.  The first child to LOVE taking a bath AND getting their hair washed.  Yes, that makes being a mommy ALOT easier!  
13.  My first child to NOT watch TV for more than 30 seconds.  
14.  My first child to NOT gag on food.  I also love this about her.  When I fully expect her to have reasons to gag... she doesn't.  So what's wrong with my other 2 kids?  hahaha!

She may not do the BIG milestones and things when and how we would prefer, but she seems to always come through on the small things.  And that makes a BIG difference in our everyday lives.  We are seeing more of her personality lately and she is just blowing us away!  Little girl.  BIG personality.  It scares me sometimes.  I dread her teenage years.  But oh is she fun to have around!    

At Mattox's preschool Christmas party and very excited to be eating off his plate of goodies!
Sorry its blurry - but thats what happens when they won't stand still.  Girls in their Christmas dresses!

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