Wednesday, January 8, 2014

O Surgery Take 2

Dr. Berch technically classified this surgery as a Ventral Hernia Repair - but to me, it was her second omphalocele surgery.  Because her O was fully repaired at 4 days old, and the muscles more or less "broke" it really is a hernia and not the O though.  He said it was a complicated hernia.

Surgery went great!  He did NOT have to use a biological mesh/patch to help reinforce her ab muscles this time like he fully expected.  Everything went back in and together better than he hoped.  

The recovery was rough.  The pain was so bad. She would hold her breath… therefore de-satting and setting off the alarm that was attached to her.  Pain control was her biggest issue.   

Her "outpatient" surgery became a 2 night/3 day stay in the hospital at Batson.  uggg…  I won't even go into detail about how uncomfortable that hospital room is.  Like I'm sure all are.  Someone needs to tell Eli Manning to donate BEDS/COTS next time instead of money!  ;)  But after planning to go home the same day, she vomited twice --- and we couldn't quite figure out why.  Could have been her stomach pressure from surgery, could have been the antibiotics, she could have gagged on the gunk you cough up after anesthesia, or she could have had the stomach bug that we ALL had earlier in the week.  So if you are vomiting = you will not be leaving the hospital!   She also had a slight reaction to the morphine and her face turned really red for a day… and looked swollen… not sure we will ever give her morphine again (just like her mommy!)

She refused to drink anything for the first 24 hours.  Which kept us another night!  Matt got us Smoothies one day for lunch, and she finally drank that!  Around noon that day I'd say she finally woke up and hasn't looked back!  I think she ate 3 chicken nuggets that day.  :)

1 week later, she is walking across the entire kitchen.  More than she's ever walked in her life!  She's still not sleeping great, but she is also used to sleeping on her belly.  N.O.T.H.I.N.G. holds this girl back or down for long.  Alot of people have asked about her belly surgery at birth… I am posting a few old pics for reference here.  But HOPEFULLY she has her "forever belly" now unless she decides she wants a belly button later.  We chose not to give her a belly button for now.  You can live without one of those.  

Our dear friend Amy had a baby the same day as Merritt's surgery.  Mati Claire asked "Does the baby have a belly button or no belly button?"       sweet girl.  bellybuttons are optional around here.  :)

at birth July 2012
After first surgery at 4 days old.  Really bruised but flat.
The very beginning of the hernia - around 1 month old. 
6 months old 
12 months old
Here is a picture of her surgeon Dr. Berch before surgery; and then immediately after in recovery.

18 months old; after the second latest surgery January 2014. 
A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who prayed for her, sent messages, who came to visit, who sent goodies, balloons, gifts, and food!  Thank you to my family who helped me out with Mati Claire and Mattox during our 3 days in the hospital.  We appreciate you all and love you very much!  xoxo

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Claire Nettles said...

I LOVE Dr. Berch! He is great. Glad that is behind you now...the results are wonderful. :-)