Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh Boy!

We are blessed to be having another boy!  I guess we are an equal opportunity family!  hehe
I won't lie... I was mentally prepared for Mattox to stay the only boy in the family.  I kind of liked the idea.  Some days I feel like boys are foreign objects in my house--- I don't know what to do with them!  I knew I would have at least 2 girls (since I was so used to my sister and me growing up) and I even dreamed I had triplet girls once.

But just goes to show you, that once again, you can plan all you want, but God has His own plan.

Saw the specialist that I love today.  I had a few expectations going into it.  I knew my age would play a factor (I'm the magical "advanced maternal age" now) and I knew that I have small babies (according to the doctors).  Sure enough, my age + baby measured a full week behind the already adjusted due date = red flags.   ALL of my babies have measured small the entire pregnancy, but came out "normal" at birth excluding Merritt.   Mati Claire was 7#, Mattox was 7#7oz, and Merritt was 5#2oz (which was big for her situation).

I had declined all genetic testing because it doesn't matter to me.  The baby's intestines were "glowing brighter than normal"  which meant that he wasn't passing the stuff as quickly as he should.  Could be a sign of his prematurity and small size, or could be a sign of some genetic issues (Cystic Fibrosis, etc).  He also would not cooperate and show us his face/profile, so they could not get any  measurements to show indicators of Down's Syndrome.  So because of the red flags + this intestinal issue = Dr. P highly recommended that I get the screening tests for all the genetic abnormalities.  But he thought it was probably due to the size measurement and not anything serious.  I didn't blame him, he was covering all his bases and doing his job to the full extent.  Why I love him.  Baby's heart and other organs looked good though.

10 day wait time…

Dr. P also thought I might have placenta previa, but after a vaginal ultrasound too, I don't.  Just an extremely low placenta.  Which rules out the bedrest that was on the tip of his tongue.  Yay!!!

The baby joker proudly showed off the family jewels this time around… but hid his face.  I was hoping to post some cute sonogram pics.  God obviously thinks we need more blue around here.  Help me, Jesus!

OVERALL, I would say he is HEALTHY at this point.  Things could change as usual, and I will be glad to get all my test results back soon.

On to names now...

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