Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tallulah the TF

Yeah, I know I've been dragging on blogging lately.  Who knew being pregnant could make you absolutely physically exhausted? ;)  Plus I haven't been able to breathe or stop coughing since last week and I would really like to chop my head off right now.  I lost my voice a few days ago… do you know how hard it is to yell at your kids when you have no voice?  Or when one busts her lip and wants me to sing "our song" to her to make her feel better?

BUT to make yall feel better, I will reveal the gender of new baby to you … on MONDAY!  I have an appointment with the specialist so I would like to include his report in the announcement (health stats and all).  We are pretty sure we know what it is already, but Matt likes keeping everyone else in suspense (no FB posts allowed until Monday).
I'm waiting and praying to include the word "healthy" with the gender.  Some of yall would probably say I'm one "those" people… but seriously, you can be genetically and chromosomally normal and still not be considered healthy (i.e. Merritt).  It did not matter to me what the gender is, as long as its healthy!  So I'm almost 18 weeks now.  Its beginning to fly by now that the nausea has subsided.
And we're open to suggestions on more M names!  lol!  We have a few in mind, but we wouldn't want this one to feel left out now would we?  :)

My oldest is doing her job in making me feel old!  Lost her front teeth finally.  2 days before her school play in which she has a major speaking role.  Bless it… she can't talk well.  Here's a few pics (plus a few old ones) to make you laugh.  Tallulah, her Tooth Fairy, is very tired.  Not sure I'm just in love with age 7 right now.  She's always been pretty easy to deal with (except in eating) but the attitude has started.  Not to mention that I can NOT keep her well.  Since her birthday, she has experienced:  2 plantar warts on her toes that have taken months to heal and we are looking at surgery if its not totally gone, chiggers (yes I've never experienced those), 2 stomach bugs in less than a month, teeth falling out left and right, and an earring site infection (back to cleaning every day after we had gone weeks without having to).

Merritt is a typical terrible two year old.  Tantrums, yelling, throwing, spitting, hitting, biting, drawing on the walls, scratching, terrible two.

And Mattox?  Well I just can't keep him out of the dirt or sand.  He's up to 2 baths a day lately on some days.  He's 4 going on 10.

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Erin said...

Oh goodness. One thing I have found that helps my kid with sensitive ears is to wear hoops that don't have a back. She can only wear those cute one with a back for a day or 2 before it gets infected.

S looks like Nanny McPhee with 1 top tooth hanging out there. Like MC in one of those pics.

I already sent you one M name but I'll keep thinking. It was a BOY name but could go either way....