Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Resolutions?

I'm not big on resolutions.  I attempt small changes.  Usually its to lose weight or start working out better if I'm not already committed.

Mati Claire is excited about new brother, but I think I've somewhat scarred her for life in a way.  She's been asking alot of questions concerning the overall effect he will have on us.  ex:  "Why did you want 4?  What was wrong with just 1 or 2 kids? How do you know for sure if this is the last one?"  I think the ultimate problem she's having is ATTENTION.  I do try really hard to give each one-on-one attention.  Its getting harder.  Especially when MC is in school all day, and we spend the afternoons doing homework, then its dinner, bath time, and bed time.  She's hitting that "pre-teen" stage where we are beginning to butt heads more.  I dread the teenager years.  I'm over the attitude.  Her manners have completely disappeared.  I try to give her more freedom and let her choose her outfits on some days, and she looks like a total SLOB when I allow that.  I spend 5-10 minutes fixing her hair every morning only to pick her up with it completely un-done at 2:30 bc she takes it down at school.  She's also beginning to spend more time in her room alone… usually reading or playing her iPad/game whatever.

So we're dealing with some new issues around the house.  Adding a new baby isn't going to help.  MC also accused me of napping too much.  I told her if and when she ever had a baby - I WILL remind her of this.  Tried explaining that it won't last forever.  A few more months….hopefully.

Merritt is very clingy…still.  Not sure how I will handle her with a new baby either.  Luckily she loves babies but I'm sure it won't take her long to figure out that its moving in on her space in mommy's lap.

And Mattox is a momma's boy at the moment.  (Loves his Daddy too) but I try to give him all the "boy" attention I can since he is usually surrounded with girls. Playing with dinosaurs, superheroes, or whatever it takes.  Or maybe just quality snuggle time on the couch.  He is my cuddler.  Although that is coming to an end too… he's 4 going on 14.

1)   Give my kids more one-on-one attention translates in today's time = LESS FACEBOOK TIME, COMPUTER TIME, PHONE TIME, TV, etc.

2)  Be nicer to my kids.  Hoping the absence of pregnancy hormones will help with this.  And after a few months of adjusting with a newborn, sleep has alot to do with it too.  I'm not the nicest person when I don't have any sleep.

I have felt like all I've done the past month is yell at them.  Maybe they were just consumed with the Christmas spirit, but they have tested my limits this past month.  I know I have "snapped" more than usual and it makes me feel so guilty.  I want to tell them "its not you, its me" lol!

Whoever said "anything after 3 is a piece of cake"  is LYING!  3 is easy… its 4 that is HARD!  And he's not even here yet!!!!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from this year.  I think they all speak for themselves, but from first steps, a baptism, losing a ton of teeth, first trip to the ER (and not to visit Daddy), first baseball games, beach and lake trips, expecting a baby, and a special 10 year anniversary trip to Italy… I'd say its been a GREAT year!  I know next year will be great too!  Looking forward to 2015!

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