Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

Matt changed hospitals a few months ago.  And I'm STILL not used to this craziER schedule.  I was finally used to night shift at the same time every day night.  Now, its so random.  Mostly his shifts start in the middle of the day or late morning.  So I get ZERO help in the mornings and/or bedtime with the kids.  He's SUPPOSED to work 10 hour shifts, but he can't leave on time ever, so he has seriously been working 12-15 hr shifts.  This past week he had to be there at 4:30 pm, which means he was suppose to get off at 2:30, but he's been walking in the door between 5 and 8 am.

Sorry, had to vent for a sec.  12 years and its never bothered me before if he had to work.

I keep reminding myself that we are on the countdown… just 3 more months.  And then a few months of adjusting.  Then I can start taking my Advocare (and SPARK) again.  I'm not interested in necessarily losing weight immediately, but man am I ready to have some energy again.  I eat better, feel better, sleep better, not to mention fit into my clothes better.

Here are a few pics from Christmas this year.  I am blaming pregnancy hormones/testosterone on my Grinch-like attitude.  But in my defense, I'm trying really hard to overcome it.  Just a few more months.
We went to Tennessee to visit with my family.  We finally got tickets to take Mattox on the "Polar Express" train.  He loved it!  Then his Uncle Rob took him up for his first plane ride the next morning.  I was sad I couldn't go to the airport with them, but I had to start packing for the long drive home.  My kids love my sister's 2 dogs… I love that they are entertained for longer than 2 minutes. Mati Claire LOVES hanging out with her cousins, Kerigan and Kennedy.  So I didn't see her much - ha!

I managed to PASS my glucose test and got to see new baby on ultrasound.  Merritt really spoiled me when it comes to ultrasounds.  I had so many with her, that I actually got TIRED of seeing her on the big screen.  Now I'm begging for an ultrasound -- but new baby does not care for pictures.  Typical boy.

Christmas Eve, we had the Miley Christmas get together.  Matt couldn't stay long since he had to go to work…again  :(  By the time we got home, reindeer food out, milk/cookies out, cleaned up the house, made a breakfast casserole, put 3 super-excited-never-going-to-sleep kids to bed, this momma was 'wo - out'! I HAD to take a nap before presents were put under the tree.  I don't remember turning my alarm off so by some Christmas miracle I woke up at 2:30 am to do that!

Merritt is really making me laugh this year.  She's beginning to sing songs, get more animated/excited about the gifts, quickly learned how to open them, and can even say the words "Santa Claus"!

"All mine!"

"...Jingle All…"

Can you tell Minnie is her favorite?

…hm….Maybe next year... 

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