Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy Bees

Happy Birthday, Nana!

Who would've thought that when parents come to visit and you have extra help around, you find yourself even busier than usual? Mom is so great at helping me clean, cook, and watch MC. I was thinking the other day about how my Mom is still teaching me things...I'm almost 30 years old and she's still teaches me something new every time I see her. Usually it has something to do with cooking or MC. I hope when MC is 30 years old, I'm still teaching her how to do things and hopefully how to be a good mom.

Mom (aka Gigi) and I took a trip to the Canton Flea Market Thursday. It was great! Here's a pic of MC in one of her new dresses. It seemed every stand that we passed, I heard someone say "I could make that" or "I could do that." Honestly...I don't have the time. Yes, I would love to make that dress myself, but I'm struggling to get my dishes clean and the laundry done...and maybe get some sleep. MC has not been sleeping well this past week due to her molars still coming in.

We're staining our driveway this week. I had a neighbor ask if we were having a party because of all the vehicles parked outside. Then we took a trip to visit my grandparents in Louisiana - also another reason to take a side trip to Monroe. I bought out Paul Michael's for Christmas decorations! Then my parents go out of their way yesterday to help me sand, paint, finish baby-proofing parts of the house, dry-walling, hanging pictures, covering patio furniture, and plugging outside holes up (trying to keep the rodents out). Thank you Mom and Dad!
I have to add to my list of "creatures." At 10:30 the other night, I was trying to clean up before my parents arrived. I came across the second gigantor "millipede" thing. After seeing the one Carly ran over, I decided not to squash it in my living room floor. These things are enormous so I could not step on it either. So I get it onto a paper plate, and I decide to take it out to the road hoping someone else will run over it. As I open the front door, I see another one. No big deal, I get that one onto the plate as well. So I take it out to the road in my pajamas. As I get back to the front porch, I see a little green snake slither off into the bushes. Again, no big deal, because it was running away from the house. But then I put my hand on the doorknob, and I look down to see this red/white/black snake looking back at me!!! His head was cocked back and he was not happy. HEART ATTACK! Seriously, I don't think I breathed for the 5 minutes after that.
Matt blames me for having all the pumpkins and haystacks on the porch...that obviously "attracted them."
Then it was also my fault for the babysitter not showing up Tuesday. She came and went while I was in the shower that morning. If anyone knows of an in-home sitter, please let me know! :)
We have alot going on so forgive me if I don't post as often this week. Jena is getting married in Vicksburg on Saturday! Congratulations! Oh, MC would sign off by saying "tank u...good girl"

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Tina said...

Moms are the best! I love having my mom around. She is continually teaching me. The critters sound creepy. I would be freaking out!
MC's dress is darling!