Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Fair Lady

Mati Claire's First Trip to the State Fair!!!
We have a tradition to go to the Fair every year for part of Nana's birthday celebration! She has instilled in us the love of kettle corn, candy apples, funnel cakes, free biscuits, and corn-on-the-cob! We live for it. And since I missed MC's first haircut, I wasn't about to miss her first taste of the fair! She tried everything in sight...even fried catfish. Jerry's here we come!!! She loved every minute today especially the petting zoo. It was so good to see her so excited about everything! We are all exhausted now. Lucky for us Gigi will be here Tuesday for 2 whole weeks! Yay!


Sara said...

Fun, fun. Love her outfit.

Melissa Rouse said...

We are headed to the fair Tuesday! I can't wait! It is so much more fun now getting to see it through our kids' eyes! I love her outfit!