Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Been Awhile

Yes, it's been awhile since I've last posted. Sorry. Gigi is here and we are staying busy!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Have you ever sat in front of your child wondering 'it's been awhile since I've noticed actual progress' ? And it's probably because you see them all day everyday that you don't "see" them growing even though they are leaping inches every month! You know what I mean? Example: I was feeding her lunch the other day thinking to myself that she hasn't really taken any big steps lately (in the sense that I was referring to). Then the next morning I went to get her out of her crib and she's taken her shirt off without unsnapping it and it's still right-side out (hmmm...), she has a ton of new vocabulary words, and she has imaginary friends! It's like she grew up overnight. All in 1 day! It's amazing.

She talks to her bouncy ball. She talks to "someone" sitting in the chair. She tells everyone in Hobby Lobby "hi...bye". And I do mean everyone. She has not shut her mouth in 2 days. She talks to anyone who will listen and if no one will, she'll talk to her toys. They listen well. Her word for the day yesterday was APPLE! I mean ap-bul. Today, it's COW. I mean COOOOOWWWWW. It now has about 3 syllables. Seriously, she attemps to say whatever you tell her to.

Anyway, I know yall probably don't care about this stuff. But it's so exciting for a first-time mother! If I can get a video of her talking to the ball I will try to post that...it's hilarious.
Mom and I made a delicious meal last night. We went to Fresh Market, and bought fish! I am NOT a fish eater - unless it's fried catfish. So I kept an open mind and I'm still attempting to diet. We bought tilapia and orange roughy. Put it in a skillet of olive oil, lime juice, and basil! Delish! I baked some asparagus and converted Mom into an asparagus-lover! Added some brown rice. For roughly $15, we had dinner for 4 in under 25 minutes. That's like $4 per person that would have cost close to $50 at a nice restaurant! What's for dinner?


Sara said...

I don't like fish either, but that sounds like a pretty good meal. I saw your mom at El Sombrero today. Looks like she was catching up with some of her peeps. IT was good to see her.

Jeanelle said...

Vote for whichever makes you say "awwww' when you look at it!

Tell Gigi hi for me!

picturesofhisgrace said...

Ruby is her great grandmother, so the talking is no surprise. I always blame Aaron's excessive talking on Ruby, too! Sounds like MC is just getting to be a big girl! She's beautiful!