Sunday, April 26, 2009

Line 'Em Up

Okay, so she's not totally all girl. Although technically she's not sitting in the dirt. I think we are going to set up a tent in the backyard so she can live AHSIDE! She throws a fit when we have to come inside...even to rehydrate! She is OBSESSED. Speaking of obsessed...line 'em up!:

The letters M and W aren't qualified to be on the wall. Maybe because, to her, the alphabet ends with the letter G. She becomes irate if you try to tell her otherwise. I've tried to videotape her singing the alphabet, but of course she stops every time she sees the camera.

I will post pics from Jack's birthday party later. We had a great time, Carly! Speaking of lining them up, we have 4 birthdays, a wedding, and a wedding shower all coming up. I'm exhausted already. Happy Birthday JACK!


Cari said...

I am loving her obsession with lining things up! Too funny! I feel your pain with the outside thing! Walker falls to pieces when we have to come inside! He LOVES to be outside! No matter how upset he is about something if we ask him if he wants to go outside he immediately stops crying and starts reaching for the door1

The Funny Farm said...

Looks like she's ready for a trip to the farm! I wish ya'll could come see us this summer! She is too cute!