Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Choos!

Choo Choo! All aboard!

MC rode like this most of the time...never moving.

MC and Kate

Yeah, maybe I should have cropped out the top part of this photo :)

"This cake is good! I can even do it left handed!"

What's up with throwing up??? MC has vomited twice in the past few days. She's not sick - but still has a very sensitive gag reflex. I thought we were past all that...obviously not! She gagged on green beans (not surprising though) and this time it was chicken! She LOVES chicken! All in the car seat!!! I absolutely give up. I guess she's living on crackers forever. I know everyone is SO tired of hearing about our food issues and such. So! On a better note, just wanted to post some pics from Jack's party. He turned 2 and had a train take everyone up and down the street! It was so much fun! MC even warmed up to it after the first ride. And she loved the cake! Great party!


AMANDA said...

So cute, where did they get the train from?

Tyanne said...

She is so cute and you as usual look gorgeous in that pic. We should playdate someday this week.

Tina said...

Shame on you for saying you should be cropped out! You look great! Love MC's outfit. Don't worry about the eating thing. Rebecca never ate her baby food...never. She is still a very picky eater, but hand the girl a bag of Cheetos and she has no problem. I sneak her nutrition by putting V8 splash in her sippy cup.

AMANDA said...

Hey girl! My email is Email me and I will give you my address:) Thanks, I will tell Shaun hey!