Friday, April 3, 2009


We may have a mini-"Ray" on our hands. We needed to get out of the house the other day, so I figured we could still technically be "ahside" if we went to Dogwood. Literally going down the row from store to store...MC just fussed and whined. Belk's? fussy. Victoria's Secret? fussy. Gap? fussy. Ann Taylor? fussy. Gymboree? crackers make it a little better...but still fussy. Borders bookstore? aaahhhh! oooohhhh! this is the greatest place on earth! Hm. Is there a genetic link to the love of books? Not one whimper out of her.

She also inherited my OCD'ness. Or maybe she's just a girly-girl. She REFUSES to use a broken crayon. She'll bring it to me and give me the look as in "trash mommy...this one broke." Then came the white crayon. She brings it to me EVERY time she comes across it... apparently it doesn't work either. HA! Those crazy crayons! Oh, help me, Lord! Everything must line up perfectly whether its crayons, peas, blocks, you name it! And if it doesn't...then throw it out!

I am reading Twilight for the SECOND time. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?????? Don't tell Matt ok? ;)


Tyanne said...

Nothing wrong with you, i am trying to hold myself off from getting wrapped up in them again for the second time.
LOVE the fact that she loves the bookstore!! Sam asked if Mati Cwaire was coming to play this afternoon!!

picturesofhisgrace said...

Just started Twilight again. And I have watched the movie several times. I am reading thru the books a little slower this time. I didn't really want Kevin to know I was reading them again, but he does. MC can't get away from the "loving to read genes". My girls and I are big readers, too!

Sara said...

She and Addison would be great friends as far as the OCD. Addison lines everything up too and is so OCD about certain things. She actually wanted me to move the couch one day because she was lining coat hangers on the floor in a row and the couch was in the way. Lord, help me!

The Funny Farm said...

Why couldn't my three get a little of the OCD??? Mine sound just the opposite. You would think they were the Queen of something the way they throw things around as if someone else is EXPECTED to pick it up after them. I guess that makes me the Queen's Maid! Maybe I am important after all! HAHA! Anyway, my girls LOVE to read as well! You could throw out any of their toys, but they know when a book is missing. I think it is wonderful and amazing and a sweet gift of intelligence from God. Be happy and feel blessed, my dear! Give her a hug for me!

Ashley said...

Adler does the same thing about the white crayon- he will cry over it everytime. I have learned to hide all white crayons!